Business Success For Builders

Business Success for Builders

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If you are the owner of a building business, and you are committed to take your business to the next level, we should talk. 

I specialise in helping businesses in the construction industry to build businesses that create plenty of profit, excellent cashflow and ?can work without you. 

To find out if you and your business are ideally suited to my success program, call Andreas Becker for a free and no obligation strategy session.

Phone: 021 726 225 or Email:

Note: If you are working on the tools and want to stay that way, I am probably not the right match for you. My clients work "ON" their businesses. They invest in themselves so that they become the person they'd like to be. They are committed to making it work and they believe in themselves. I appreciate that it is a process, but you have to be driven and I will help you to get there.

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Use “Million Dollar Quotes” to Get Profitable Clients
If you want to charge good prices for your building projects you will often not be the cheapest quote that a potential client receives.
Turn your customers into your sales team
If you want to get more people buying building projects from you it’s useful to have persuasive testimonials from your best building clients on hand.You can then use these testimonials in all your marketing and with your quotes and proposals as well.
Get easy building projects from the people who already know you
A simple way to get great business from your past clients, your warm prospects and from your key referral sources. Delightfully simple yet not 1 in a 100 builders is doing this. A great way to get positively remembered and get new business.
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What Clients Say About Andreas Becker...

* The Results shown are based on active participation and implementation of recommended strategies. Results may vary based on individual business owner and are not guaranteed.

Andreas has successfully guided us through a multitude of other business related issues including systemisation, staff motivation and performance, succession planning, goal setting and targets, and the biggy - online marketing.

Hometrends Builders Christchurch
Peter and Elaine de Gouw
Hometrends Builders

One of the best results of working with Andreas is that my wealth is actually growing by between $5,000 and $10,000 every month. This is real money that I’m setting aside every month from profits and am putting into a wealth account. (The great thing about doing this is that because we are now a lot more productive, this money I’m now setting aside, has not affected our cash flow at all.)

Keystone Construction Christchurch
Tim Nugteren
Keystone Construction

?As a trained builder, managing a business has never been my passion – I was motivated to be on the tools, not run a business.

So the challenge that we faced is that we did OK, but never seemed to see the profit we were making, and managing cashflow was becoming a concern.

After working with Andreas for a few months, those things have now changed. Working with Andreas as a coach has been very useful as it has helped me to focus on what really matters. Our weekly meetings and staff workshops have kept me motivated, and helped to make positive changes within the business.

At first I was a bit sceptical and wondered if we really needed and could afford Andreas’ help, but am glad we made the decision to work with him as the benefits are now paying off and I am looking forward to continued business improvements.

Chris Fifield
Director, Chris Fifield Building Lrd

I’m delighted with the results we’ve achieved since we began working with Andreas. My business is now more profitable and my outlook for the business is a lot more positive. I now have great confidence in my quotes and I’ve discovered that I can choose the type of clients that I want to do building work for.

urbane construction chritchurch
Tom Aiken
Urbane Construction

Some of the specific benefits we’ve got from the team-building workshop with Andreas include having all the individuals thinking as a team. We have introduced the team to our companies vision and planting the seed of them buying into the vision. I feel that my team now have a much better understanding of where the business is heading.

I would recommend his team-building workshop because it is of great benefit to have someone who is not intimate with the business objectively look at the whole picture. Pete and Elaine de Gouw, Hometrends Builders Ltd.

Home Trends Builders
Pete and Elaine de Gouw
Directors, Hometrends Builders

A benefit of our team doing a team building and goal setting workshop with Andreas was having an outside perspective because Andreas helped us see the big picture and it challenged us all to aim higher than we could ever have done by ourselves.Another benefit was the clarity for me personally to direct a large proportion of time to work on the business and implement strategies to achieve our major goals.

I would recommend his services because every business must remain profitable and he just seems to know what makes a business profitable and successful. His business experience and “nous” is second to none.He helped me think like a business owner and that helped me to improve and build my business to the point that I do not need to be there all the time. The business can now run very well without me and every business owner needs to get their business to run without him.

I would recommend the services of Andreas’ business coaching because he focuses on the important issues to grow the business and the implementation of strategies which will achieve our goals. He helps us measure our process towards the vision.

Home Trends Builders
John Parlane
Director, Printers Inc.

A big benefit of working with Andreas is that we now have a structured marketing and sales template. I really like that I can talk frankly about my business and receive straight, honest and helpful advice.

Home Trends Builders
Chris Sweeney
Director, Pioneer Pool and Building
Decor Tiling – Business Award – Silver Level
Congratulations to Berenice Chaston of Decor Tiling for the Business Excellence Award.