I Help Builders to Create A Thriving Business by becoming leaders in their field

You might be a good builder but if there is no good reason why people should pick you from all your competitors, chances are that people will make their decision on price. This will drive down your profit and you will have to work harder for less money. 

My name is Andreas Becker and I help builders to become leaders in their field. People want to deal with "The Expert" and are prepared to pay a higher price for this. This is a game changer for any construction business.

If you are interested to find out how this could work for your construction business, click the button below and schedule a 10-Minute phone call with me. 

During this call I will quickly find out if I may be able to help you or not. It's free and you will learn something.

Andreas Becker - The Builders Coach

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Our Services

Business Planning

I will help you to come up with a strategic business plan. This is a plan that will have the most important action items you can implement right away.


We will find every possible way for you to increase your profit. Many small improvements quickly make a big difference to the bottom line.


We'll get your business systemised so that the business can work without you. It helps to a consistent quality and client experience.

Team Building

Your business needs a winning team. Let us give you the right leadership skills and the best tools to have your business working without you. 


When you use marketing that actually works, you will have more leads then you can handle. This allows you to work only with the best clients and never for the lowest price.

Time Management

Get the most out of your time. Only do the things that make the biggest difference to your business. Use the 80/20 Rule to have more time for yourself.

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Client Testimonials

Dan Rastkar

Director, Phoenix Renovations and Building

"Just 12 months ago I had a small building business with only 2 guys and struggling to make a decent profit and working really hard on the tools.
Cashflow was all over the show and we had to take on any job coming our way just to make ends meet.

Everything has changed for the better. 
We are now a team of 5 and I am very seldom on the tools, only doing some special jobs that I really like for special client.
We have re-branded the business and are looking really professional.
Our profits have increased by 120% and our cashflow is pretty much sorted with very soon not requiring any overdraft facility from the bank.
We have optimised our quoting and sales system and our conversion rate has sky rocketed.
We are taking on only job that suit us best and we can say no to project we don’t like doing or where there is no profit in it.
We bought a new house, 2 new vehicles and I can go on holidays when I want to.
We have very clear goals and plans with a bright future for our business."