Cashflow Fix for Builders and Trades – Guaranteed

Watch this video if you want to solve your cashflow problems once and for all

Today I want to talk to you about something really important in almost every business. It's like the blood in our bodies. In your business, it's called cash flow.

I come across a lot of businesses and they run out of cash and they have a cash flow problem.Imagine you have a car and that car continuously runs out of petrol. You're trying to run it on empty. How would that be? Completely unacceptable. Yet there are many business out there. They've been in business for one, two, three, four, or more years and they're continuously on the borderline. Continuously running out of cash. That would be like running that car pretty much on empty.

My name is Andreas Becker. I'm the Builders Coach. I work with people in the construction industry. Trades, builders, all those type of people and I understand those industries really well.

Today I want to talk to you about some of the advantages of actually having a good cash flow.The first thing is of course, you actually can sleep better. If you've got money in the bank, you know you can pay your taxes, you can pay your team, and there's some money left over for you to enjoy, for you to grow the business. Wow. That is a great reliever. I know what it feels like for businesses that I've helped that have gone through that. I can see a completely different person when there's money in the bank.

For one, you will sleep better, your business has ability to grow, you can pay your staff better. It's far better to have less people and pay them really well. Premium, above what all other people pay so that you can attract the best people because they are the people that will grow your business and make your business the best business. If you have the best business, you're going to attract the best customers. The best customers are going to pay you. They're going to pay you premium as well. There are always people out there looking for premium. If you have that kind of business, you will attract them. When you attract those type of people that pay you and pay you well, you're actually making more profit. You can see this whole thing becomes an upward spiral. You will have more money in the bank.

The disadvantages on the other hand of running out of cash flow, you know this story... You can't pay your bank, you can't sleep well. It's a continuous struggle. You have to fight and you whole attention is on dodging payments that you have to make and finding money. You're losing focus. It's terrible.

If you have a business that is having these cash flow problems occasionally or often, you really need to listen carefully what I have to say next.

I have developed a 12 week business cash flow reviver. It basically is a program where I introduce you to eight different things that you will need to put in place. One thing at a time until your cash flow improves. I guarantee you at the end you will have money in the bank. Money left over after you've paid everyone else. Money that you can use to grow the business or pay your team. All those type of things.

Is it suitable for you?

You basically need to have a business that is good. You need to be able to do something that stands out. If you have a business that is struggling because you are providing a bad service, obviously that is going to be your primary problem. You probably need to be in business three years or more and you need to be prepared to work on your business. It's not going to happen just with one little thing. You will really need to focus on this and work with me for 12 weeks to get you to the next level.Is there going to be a fee?

Of course there's going to be a fee, but before you do decide anything I want to offer you a 30 minute consultation. Put your name down, press the button below this video. Put your name down there and we'll make a time to meet for about 30 minutes, I will have a discussion with you, look through your business, give you an idea if what I can do will actually work for you. Then we take it from there.

I'll tell you the fee, which is very affordable considering that in the end there is going to be money left over. Isn't that the most important thing?I look forward to hearing from you really soon. I want to help you improve your cash flow and make you a business of your dreams that you actually enjoy having that gives you the cash flow that gives you the freedom that you want to have.

Thanks for watching and talk to you soon.