The Results Room – Builders Coach

The Builders Results Room

In the Results RoomTM, we will do a deep analysis of your building business and then give you our #1 strategy for you to get results in the next 30 days.   We guarantee you a 500% R.O.I.

There are 3 objectives of the Results Room:

  • 1
    Quickly find the lowest hanging fruit in your business. Something you can implement easy and it will make an immediate impact to your business
  • 2
    Give you our #1 strategy that will get you results in the next 30 day.  
  • 3
    Guarantee you a 500% Return On Investment or your money back. 

If you already have an established Building business and you want fast and guaranteed results this is ideal for you.
Before you apply make sure you read this page thoroughly as it may not be for you.

Who it’s not for

  • Free loaders. If you are looking for high value advice for free, this is not for you. The cost for the Results Room is $997+GST.
  • Building businesses that have a track record of FTI – Failure To Implement.
  • Beginner Building businesses – you need to be a good builders and have already implemented the basics.
  • Small Building businesses – you need to be established and have at least $500K in annual revenue.

Who it is for

  • Ambitious business owners – who want to grow their business in the near future.
  • A good builder – measured by client testimonials or what you have already implemented.
  • Implementer – must have a track record of implementation.


As soon as you sign up, I will send you an online questionnaire for you to complete. This will give me a good idea where to start.

We will then have a 1-to-1 coaching session, where we will dig deep to find you the most promising strategy to implement. I will also explain in detail and give you any resources you may require.

Over the next month you will send me a weekly update of your progress. I will support you if you should get stuck or just need a bit of help.


After 30 days, you're going to know if my strategy is going to work for you or not... 

If you are not achieved a ROI of 500% or well on the way to that results, I will insist to pay you back your full investment you have made with me.*

So there's no risk to getting started.

* Condition that you fully implement that strategy that has been suggested to you.

The process from here

You can apply using the button below. You'll schedule a 10-Minute phone with me.

During our call I will quickly know if this work for you or not.

Once we both agree that it’s going to work we’ll get started right away.