Client Testimonials

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Seeking help from Andreas and joining his black builder program has been the best thing I have done for my business and also my personal life as it has allowed me to have more control, more profits and also putting systems in place.

Having systems in place has freed up my time to spend with my loved ones.

Andreas has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business and specially ways to grow your business.

Dan Rastkar

Phoenix Renovations and Building

Highly recommend any body trying to build a business to seek advice and coaching

James Hunt

James Hunt Residential

It's changed my life and very excited about what lies ahead. Thanks:)

Andrew Kyburz

AK Building & Asbestos

Prior to working with Andreas Becker, The Builder’s Coach, my husband and I were running a construction business in North Canterbury. We thought the business was going well and profit was also good. However, when Andreas dissected our business, we found that we were not actually operating at maximum capacity and we lacked systems and processes. As a result, we systemised every aspect of our business, from employing staff to handover of builds. He has also guided and enabled us to form a property portfolio through investing in rental properties.

Since working with Andreas, I have taken on the General Management and Sales role in the business. We have now completely systemised Craig Brown Construction, we have excellent sales systems in place and we are now making much better profit. His help and support has been invaluable. During our regular coaching sessions he checks where we are stuck and then shows us the best way to get it done. I find it particularly helpful getting access to his examples and templates. He moved us from builders to business people.

In addition to improving our main construction business I have personally started two new businesses with Andreas’ assistance. One is NZ Granny Flats, where we specialise in building high spec, low maintenance secondary dwellings at fixed pricing. The other is “The Builder’s Boss”, which, is a complete construction operating manual for builders. Instead of a builder developing their own operation manual they can now simply purchase The Builders Boss and very easily adapt that to their business.  Any builders who want to get their business in shape should speak to Andreas and find out how he can help - it will be an excellent investment.

Lia Brown
Director: Craig Brown Construction and NZ Granny Flats

From: Andrew Breward <>

Subject: Testimonial

Date: 3 July 2018 at 11:00:40 AM NZST

To: Andreas Becker <>

Hi Andreas

Please see below our testimonial for you. Let me know if it is ok. 

We were fortunate enough to be invited to a free seminar where Andreas was a guest speaker. My business partner and I contemplated if Andreas could help us with our medium sized building company of 20 employees. We bit the bullet and decided to give him a shot.

We couldn’t be happier with this decision as Andreas is a great guy who has extreme passion to achieve greatness. He is motivational and since putting his plan in place, we have noticed immediate changes within our company. We are only a few months in working with Andreas and already our whole company vision is clearer, more achievable and we are making the steps towards reaching our goals.

Our staff also loved the team building workshop that Andreas ran and found it very beneficial.  

We cannot speak more highly of Andreas and what he can help people achieve for their businesses.

Kind regards

Andrew Breward


October, 2017

Andreas has been a business mentor for my Health and Safety business for the past 3 months and I give him the highest recommendation possible. He is extremely knowledgeable, goal driven and is absolutely full of ideas  – exactly what I needed from a business coach. I was impressed by his ability to get down to business and to quickly identify easy improvements to give measurable success.

Andreas was able to help me refine my services and pricing which was something I struggled with prior to working with him. His honest feedback and expertise enabled us to quickly refine our offerings and add more value to our packages.

I highly recommend Andreas to any tradie serious about building their business.

Kind Regards,

Chris Brosnan

Managing Director

Chris Brosnan

May, 2017

We initially engaged Andreas from the Builders Coach 2 years ago to assist us in fine tuning our marketing which wasn’t working as planned.

Since then Andreas has successfully guided us through a multitude of other business related issues including systemisation, staff motivation and performance, succession planning, goal setting and targets, and the biggy - online marketing.

Andreas has always been professional and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in so many areas that we clearly don’t but need. We unreservedly recommend his service to all small to medium sized business operators who are motivated to grow and profit from their business.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, you may actually enjoy it. We were out of our comfort zone at first but have never looked back.

Peter and Elaine de Gouw

Hometrends Builders
Peter and Elaine de Gouw
Hometrends Builders,  Christchurch

March, 2017

“We have completed a team leadership workshop with Andreas Becker, the Builders Coach.

Initially our team were slightly reluctant to undertake a course like this due to the many unknowns they had perceived. However, they have completely embraced the skills and information gained and changed to full of energy and prepared to take action from what they have learnt.

What we have learnt will immediately be implemented by our business. We have learnt great leadership ideas, how to communicate better with clients, subbies and the team and also how to work more cohesively as a team.

We would highly recommend this team leadership workshop to any builder or trade business who want to get more from their team."

Craig and Lia Brown

Craig Brown Construction
Craig and Lia Brown
Craig Brown Construction,  Christchurch

February, 2017

Before we started working with you we had all the ideas but nothing was ever consistently and properly in place so we weren't seeing any results and wondering why.

We have now created accountability and reporting on every successful strategy and we are seeing the financial rewards creeping up every month. Interestingly after working with coaches in the past you are the first to firmly require such accountability and the only one that has enabled us to get a tangible and significant increase in our sales and profit through ideas that we already knew should be working.

Many thanks ?

Darren and Sophie Allen?

Weld Plus Christchurch
Darren and Sophie Allen
Weld Plus Christchurch

July 2016

I’ve been working with Andreas Becker in my building business for around 4 months now and I’ve been delighted with the remarkable results we 've achieved already. Andreas has helped us by putting some great systems in place that make both me and my team instantly more productive on every building job that we do. My team now know exactly what to do on every job which means I have the peace of mind knowing that the work they do will be great regardless of whether I am on site or not. I’m now spending a lot less time on admin work and have more time to enjoy with my family. In fact, I’m heading away for a 6 day holiday and because of the systems that Andreas has helped me put in place. I’m extremely confident that my team will work well without me there. (Before I began working with Andreas I would not have had the same confidence around taking a 6 day holiday and leaving my team me.)

One of the best results of working with Andreas is that my wealth is actually growing by between $5,000 and $10,000 every month. This is real money that I’m setting aside every month from profits and am putting into a wealth account. (The great thing about doing this is that because we are now a lot more productive this money. I’m now setting aside has not affected our cash flow at all.) I’ve signed up to use Andreas and his service for 12 months. And based on the results so far it’s been a wonderful investment and one I highly recommend to other builders. If you want more productive staff, more money and more leisure time he’s definitely the person to chat to!”

Keystone Construction Christchurch
Tim Nugteren
Keystone Construction

I hired Andreas Becker as a consultant for my building company in October 2015. I wanted to take stock of how we were doing and set up systems and procedures we could grow the business. I’m delighted with the results we’ve achieved since we began working with Andreas. My business is now more profitable and my outlook for the business is a lot more positive. I now have great confidence in my quotes and I’ve discovered that I can choose the type of clients that I want to do building work for.

Andreas is excellent as an advisor to help your building business get a lot better by changing small things that you are doing. Andreas is very easy to contact at any time and is also very positive and encouraging. We have made some great improvements in our business already and I can see we have a lot of opportunities to do even better in the future. I highly recommend the services of Andreas to any building firm that wants to improve their results by making tiny improvements in the things they already do.

urbane construction christchurch
Tom Aiken
Urbane NZ