Turn your customers into your sales team

?If you want to get more people buying building projects from you it’s useful to have persuasive testimonials from your best building clients on hand.You can then use these testimonials in all your marketing and with your quotes and proposals as well.

Remember that when you have existing clients talking about how great your building services are this is ten times more believable and persuasive than you saying you are a good builder.So how do you collect great testimonials from a couple of your happy clients?

It’s very simple.

1: Just interview a couple of your best clients on the phone for 4-6 minutes each.

Ask them questions like these:

  • Why did you enjoy using my building services?
  • What benefits have you enjoyed from using my building services?
  • Why would you highly recommend my building services to other people?

2: Record the call or take notes on what they tell you. A great app to use to record any calls you make on a mobile phone is Tape a Call. www.tapeacall.com (There is an iPhone and Android version available.)

The App costs around $15 a year to record as many phone calls as you want. After the phone call review your notes or replay the phone call if you have recorded it. Then write up what your client told you in the form of a short testimonial.

  • ?What I like about your building services is xyz
  • The benefits I’ve enjoyed by using your building services are xyz
  • I highly recommend your building services because of xyz
  • Then email this feedback to your client and ask them to approve it or make any changes if they want to.
  • You will now have a compelling testimonial from some of your best clients and these can be used many different ways to get new building work.

Here’s a good example of the power of collecting a testimonial like this.

This testimonial is from one of my builder clients who has used my coaching services. It was collected by using the phone interview and follow up email approach I just mentioned. Notice how persuasive it is to have a happy client talking about the benefits they have enjoyed.

I hired Andreas Becker as a consultant for my building company in October 2015. I wanted to take stock of how we were doing and set up systems and procedures so we could grow the business. I’m delighted with the results we’ve achieved since we began working with Andreas. My business is now more profitable and my outlook for the business is a lot more positive. I now have great confidence in my quotes and I’ve discovered that I can choose the type of clients that I want to do building work for. Andreas is excellent as an advisor to help your building business get a lot better by changing small things that you are doing. Andreas is very easy to contact at any time and is also very positive and encouraging. We have made some great improvements in our business already and I can see we have a lot of opportunities to do even better in the future. I highly recommend the services of Andreas to any building firm that wants to improve their results by making tiny improvements in the things they already do.” 

Tom Aiken, Urbane Construction NZ

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